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12 years ago

Code collaborator not connecting to TFS while adding shelvesets

when i tried to add shelvesets, tfs server cannot be conneted and i receive Error:TF30063: You are not authorized to access {0}.

Any help will be appriciated.

Naveen Dusa

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    Is the shelveset yours?

    If you create a debugging log that includes this error, we can look into why it's happening.

    If you're using the GUI client, select Help->Capture Debugging Log, then go to the main screen and reproduce the error adding a shelveset, then return to the debugging dialog and save and email the log file to

    If you're using the command line client, rerun the ccollab command and include the --debug option as the first argument, e.g.:

      ccollab --debug addchangelist new myshelveset

    This will create a ccollab.log file in the current directory - email it to