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2 years ago

How to Create a Technical Article

Hi Community!


We know that you like to share things like code samples, workflow ideas, testing approaches, QA tips, and other insights with your peers. Your willingness to share knowledge is what makes the SmartBear Community so unique and helpful. That's why we've created a community section called Technical Articles, which you can use to post any content similar to what was mentioned above. By posting technical articles, you will get recognition within the SmartBear Community and earn unique community badges. More valuable content and more badges! 


You can create a Technical Article by following the instructions below.


We are looking forward to your contribution to the Technical Articles section. You can contact us at if you have any questions.


create a New Technical article

  1. Go to the appropriate product community and open the Technical Articles board.
  2. Click Create an Article in the top-right corner. 

  3. Choose an article template: Freeform, Questions and Answers, or Solutions. This will pre-load the needed styling for the article.
  4. Add the content you'd like to share with the Community.
    Note: your technical article should be product-specific.
  5. Select the label to categorize the topic
  6. Click Submit for Review at the bottom of the page.


SmartBear folks will review your article (we will only review the formatting part - we won't check the technical solution you are suggesting) and either publish it to the Technical Articles section or provide you with feedback if any questions appear around the content.


Voilà! Your technical article is available to the entire Community. You can enjoy the fame and start creating a new one 🙂