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4 years ago

Cannot find application using Katalon



I am trying to run a remote test on BitBar using Katalon Studio. 

I have uploaded my application to the BitBar cloud and set all the required desired capabilities. 

Whenever I launch the test, the test shows up under my projects, so I assume the connection between Katalon and Bitbar is working fine. 


However, when I want to launch a test using Katalon, I have to start by launching an application. As I already installed the application while launching the test (through my desired capabilities), I do not know what application I should start in order to get my test running. 


I have tried to use the bitbar app ID, which is uploaded in the BitBar cloud, the name of the app, and also the path to the app. Everytime I get the error that the application does not exist or is not accessible. 


Is someone familiar with running a test using Katalon? What application should I start when launching my test?

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