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5 years ago

Bitbar Integration with other apps

Hi,    We are considering to use Testcomplete and Zephr from Smartbear and we were thinking if adding Bitbar would provide any extra help. I had a few questions regrading Bitbar. 1. Does Bitbat in...
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    5 years ago

    There are dedicated dashboards for users and admins to visualize success rates and device usage. You can easily integrate Bitbar with your existing reporting tools also. There are a good amount of API calls available for downloading the test result artefacts of your runs and more advanced API calls for admins to analyse usage of private environments.


    We don't have any active plans for integrating Bitbar to any specific accessibility testing tools for the shared devices in public cloud. However, Bitbar is a very modular system relying on open API making integration possible to external tools. I'd recommend you contact our sales team for more detailed discussions.