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13 years ago

AQTime can't find any source code, or any unit name information for Delphi XE?

We're using AQTime 7.30, and the Allocation Profiler.

Because we had many problems with our large application, I have created a sample Hello World  type of application in Delphi XE.  I cannot seem to get any source information. Our problems are perhaps related.  

1. If we use the "By Lines" option in Collect Stack Information option when we run, no Delphi XE app we try, even simple Hello World apps, will even run in the Allocation Profiler.  

2. If we use the "By routines" option, we can run, and we can see our leaks in the "Classes Data" in the Results pane, as expected.  

But no amount of configuring and tweaking Search Directories or Project Search Directories seems to help us with the basic problem that:

1. We can not find any units or get any output in the Editor pane, Details pane, Call tree pane, or Call Graph pane. All these stay empty.

2. The call stack and call graph pane stays relatively empty, call graph contains only a <ROOT> element, and no other elements.

Our Profiling options are at defaults, for the Profiler, and General Preferences.    This problem DOES appear to be specific to Delphi XE, as we have no problems doing the same things, if we use Delphi 7.

We have tried this in Win7/32 bit, Win7/64 bit, and Win XP, and have no ability to make Delphi XE apps fully work with AQTime 7.30.