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7 years ago

Where do Scheduled Reports and System Notifications come from?

   Scheduled Reports configured for delivery from AlertSite are typically delivered overnight between 2-3 AM EST. Reports are scheduled and delivered through 'Sendgrid' and may be blocked by many mail servers. Make sure the IP address below is whitelisted to prevent these reports from being detected as SPAM.


Sendgrid IP:


    Reports emailed manually from the Document Manager also use Sendgrid for delivery. You can test send a prior report from the Document Manager after whitelisting the address to confirm delivery is successful. Only reports are sent through Sendgrid.


  Unlike Reports, system notifications come directly from the AlertSite portal. These include notifications about Measurement Usage and Clean-up notifications for devices in error over 250 consecutive intervals. Maintenance notices from the Product Team and Operations Team are also not delivered through Sendgrid.

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