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6 years ago

Use of Copied VM Images Is Not Supported For Insite Private Nodes


Based on errors and crashes that can manifest from using a copied Private Node image, we do not support InSite Private Nodes created with a copy of an image of another InSite Private Node VM. We only support a Private Node that has been spun up from a download link for the virtual machine image provided by Customer Care, your AlertSite Sales Representative, your Customer Success Advisor or Product Management.


This issue has come up both in the context of creating new InSite Private Nodes for expansion purposes as well as Disaster Recovery scenarios. For a DR scenario, we recommend having a VM Private Node in the DR center that has been spun up (using proper minimum specifications for CPU, RAM and Storage found in from the download link (not a copied image), and set up with the correct network settings and tested and then turned off. (This is also applicable for a hardware appliance.) If one of your Private Nodes goes down, one then turns on that backup Private Node and then one just takes the 32 character Location ID from the affected Private Node (which has been turned off or is not operating) and re-registers the backup Private Node (after getting the UUID reset). In this manner all of the monitors from the “down” Private Node begin operating from the backup Private Node. At this time with VM Private Nodes, it is necessary to contact Customer Care to reset the UUID. This should be scheduled in advance, if possible, through opening a case through The UUID is reset just prior to a re-registration of an InSite Private Node location. Later this year we plan to allow Admins and Co-Admins to reset the UUID from the AlertSite console.


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