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8 years ago

Test on demand

While using test on demand feature can I set Replay Option-> Timeout after -> to more then 90 sec as I can find this as max option and when I am running my script one of the steps is required to take...
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    8 years ago
    I'm sorry, the limit for step timeout is 90 seconds for 'out of production' test runs against the remote servers from the toolbar. You can set the timeout higher for production runs, but Test on Demand from the DejaClick Toolbar is limited to this threshold. Once you upload the script, you can change the Step Timeout in the console to a higher threshold, and Test on Demand runs from the console for a monitor should use the Step Timeout defined for the monitor; up to 300 seconds.
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    8 years ago

       You can log into your AlertSite account in DejaClick under the Blue Globe. Once you have recorded and played your script successfully locally, you can upload it under the blue globe as well in the toolbar. Select Upload Recording to do so and give the new monitor a name.


        Once the device is uploaded successfully, a configuration window is automatically opened where you can edit the new monitor. From this window, you can select Edit Monitor and change the timeouts, locations, and other options for the new monitor. Once you have made the changes, save it and you are all set.


       In the original console, select the monitor to edit under the Configure Tab. From this edit window you can also update the frequency, timeouts, and other options for the monitor.