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2 years ago

MFC Grid | 2 tables in a Tab


In a project I'm using 2 MFC grid tables in a TAB. So to know what column & row I selected I'm using this small function:


void CLoggingDlg::OnGridClickedCHMask(NMHDR *pNotifyStruct, LRESULT*)


      NM_GRIDVIEW* pItem = (NM_GRIDVIEW*)pNotifyStruct;

      m_rowSel = pItem->iRow;

      m_colSel = pItem->iColumn;



The issues is this always giving me the information about  the first table, even if I'm clicking on the 2 grid table m_colSel & m_rowSel is not getting updated.


So to get Row & col number from both the table what should I do, where I can define this function particularly for a grid.

Subhash Chandra

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