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4 years ago

How To parse the Json response when manually setting up an api monitor

I'm fairly new to AlertSite, so I'm wondering if I'm missing this or if it's not available with what I'm doing.

I'm creating a new api monitor (Manual Creation) and I'm chaining some api calls to get certain Ids for the next api call.


My challenge is that one api call will return a list of objects and each object may or may not have a particular Id set. It could have a numeric value or it could be null. If it's null, I need to look at the next item in the list and check for the Id there, etc. until I find a not null value.


How can I accomplish this? I don't see a way to parse the response or add any logic to assign to the variable for that Id. Setting up static test data isn't preferred, but that is the next step if we can't figure out how to do this dynamically.

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