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7 years ago

DejaClick for Chrome Update!



The DejaClick Chrome extension has been updated to version  This version allows users to DELETE steps and events from recorded scripts.


This gives users better control over the script prior to upload to AlertSite.  This is especially useful when looking to remove extraneous hover and click events that are not essential to the user journey.  The ability to delete existing steps will also reduce the need to completely re-record transactions.


In order to delete an event or step, simply select it in the DejaClick window and either right-click and select delete or press your keyboard's delete button. 


Users can also select 'Pause' on an event or step.  This will cause the script to pause at that step or event on next playback.




Additional script editing capabilities will be coming soon, so keep an eye out for updates.




Denis Goodwin

AlertSite Product Owner

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