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7 years ago

Another technique to try to stop a DejaClick Status 97 (ST97) error

Some customers have transactions that only run from behind their firewall. This can present challenges for Customer Care to assist in a script fix since the transaction cannot be played on a local desktop. There are certain techniques customers can try on their own. For example, the following Forum post contains a technique to try:


The ST97 error indicates that a DejaClick algorithm has decided something on the page has changed since the original recording (i.e. a target element can no longer be found). The best technique is to append the recording (re-record over the troublesome part of the transaction and record the interaction with the new content). If this is not convenient, some other techniques can be quickly tried.


If the ST97 error is on a hover event, it may be possible to just make a quick, easy branch to skip over the troublesome hover event. Often a hover event is not a significant event to the success of the transaction.


For instance, if the ST97 was on Event 3 which happens to be a hover event, one could make a branch on Event 2 that would tell Deja to just skip over Event 3 and go straight to Event 4 after finishing Event 2. Often the transaction will just proceed normally to conclusion with this technique.


Here is a short video on how to do this:


Create Branch to Skip an Event


Here is the relevant section in Help that provides more details on branching:


This Forum Post is the result of an actual recent Customer Care case which resulted in the creation of the following article for the Knowledge Base:

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