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10 years ago

AlertSite UXM Launches!

By now, you know we've launched our new AlertSite UXM.

AlertSite UXM is the first rapid easy-to-use platform that unifies load testing, synthetic and real transaction monitoring in a single platform. It provides real time, 24/7 monitoring of applications and transaction tracing to identify problems down to the specific line of code.

This makes it easy to find and fix problems before 

customers are impacted. 

You can learn more here in our  Digital Guide

This is the first of many releases planned for the coming months, and we're excited to hear your feedback. 

Please, use this forum to share your feedback, comments, and concerns, and we'll address them as quickly as possible. 

Wishing you good site health!

Jen Falasca 

Sr. Community Manager 

SmartBear Software 

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