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8 years ago

AlertSite Test Agent - outage/performance concern notification

I've searched the forum,, and AlertSite site (both new and old UX), but I do not see a link or indication when a Test agent (ie. Madrid, Spain or Montreal, CA) is having an issues or executing any maintenance.


I noticed that for example we have a transaction specifically hitting the Madrid, Spain test agent.  This transaction is intended to execute every 15mins. but between 11/19 12:00am EST and 11/21 3:00pm EST no transactions executed. 

NOTE: This agent has shown erratic response times lately as well compared to non-AlertSite Spain monitors over the same period of time.  I am unaware of the monitor itself being turned off by myself or any other internal resource.   My assumption is the agent itself was going through some maintenance.  But I am unaware of a way to uncover this outage.





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