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3 years ago

Zephyr squad test details have disappeared

Good morning, 

We are missing the below highlighted buttons when we create or edit our tests. This means we are not able to create new tests or edit existing ones. 

Does anyone know how we resolve this? The below is what we see.


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  • KGosling  Do you know if you have the TEST issue type registered for this project. We recently had an issue where the TEST issue type was un-registered for all projects as part of an update that we pushed.

    If this is something that you are experiencing can you please reach out to our support who will work with you to manually reset the TEST issue type so that the functionality is restored. 


    Given the recent incident i suspect this might be the root cause, if not the support team should be able to help anyway. 

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      Good morning, 


      We had an issue over a week ago where we were seeing problems with TEST status. I posted the below (image) here 


      However this error no longer occurs and we are able to change the status.


      How do I see if the TEST issue type is registered for my project? 


      We are able to create and add test scripts to test cycles. I would presume that if the issue type TEST was not registered we would not be able to do this? 


      Do you have an email I can use to reach out? I am based in the UK. 

      Thanks for you assistance.