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4 years ago

ZAPI is not Compatible in our JIRA instance , how to use Zephyr API

How can i use ZAPI, as i have checked this Plugin is not compatible with our JIRA instance . v 8.12.3

Also confirm pros & cons of using Zbot vs ZAPI

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    Hi vikrant-yadav ,


    ZAPI is not needed to be installed in your JIRA to access the api. All the ZAPI apis are exposed via the ZFJ plugin for last few release of ZFJ.



    Zapi and Zbot are completely different functionally.


    ZAPI > Lets you use the zephyr's api that you can use in your automation framework.

    Zbot> This is a bit which is used to trigger any kind of Jobs configured in automation module in Zephyr itself where you get to choose which bot you want to execute the task.