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2 years ago

Usage of Zephyr Squad for execution of Automation scripts

Hi All,


I have uploaded few test cases to Zephyr Squad. All those test cases are automated and scripts are stored in GIT, We have an internal application which will install the software under test, fetch the automation code from GIT and start the execution. 

We are looking for a facility to Start the automation run from Zephyr.

We should be able to select TCs and click on a button so that Zephyr/JIRA gives a trigger to our internal application.

Possible solution : If Zephyr generates a file with details like (TCs, Build and release) and puts in a location, our internal app can be configure to poll that location . When ever there is an entry in that location it can trigger the run. Even our internal app can be enhanced to trigger the run on an API call...


Please suggest on facilities available in Zephyr to trigger automation runs. Do we need to use any other plugins?


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