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4 years ago

Uploading Junit report via ZFJ Automation Task always show Test Status as Passed

We are using Zephyr for Jira Cloud as a Test Management Solution.

But have observed issues with Automation Task as below:

1. Created automation task to upload a 'Junit' (selected automation framework as Junit) report for a specific Jira version and Zephyr Test Cycle.
2. Observed that all the tests in the Zephyr Test Cycle are marked as Passed even when the status in junit report is Failed.
For reference, attached the sample junit.xml that I am trying to upload. All the 3 tests status is Failed but after upload it shows Passed in zephyr test cycle. 
Would really appreciate any help on this.


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  • Hi Vibhas  

    As per the provided Junit xml file, the report is generated using the PyTest - Python Testing Framework. The parsers(tags) present in the attached file doesn't match with our supported junit file format , hence by default its updating the status as pass.

    In your case system-out we don't support, we support <failure> tag, if its not present by default it will consider the status as pass, hence you are seeing all the test cases as pass

    I have raised internal feature request to support this junit format generated using pytest framework and in upcoming releases our product management team will review and implement the same

    I'm attaching the sample junit result file which we support for your reference

    You can also vote for this feature in our  Improvement request link