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2 years ago

trying to follow up here quickly , i have time constraints on this migration

Hi Keighley,


My name is Brett Campbell – I’m the Solutions Advisor for Zephyr Squad/Scale at SmartBear. I received your inquiry submitted on our web contact form.


My understanding is your still working on importing test cases from your previous Zephyr Scale Server license (expired 01/14/22) onto your current Zephyr Scale Cloud and need an extension of the server license in order to complete the process? Is this correct?


Happy to hop on a call with you to discuss.


Thank you,



Can Brett or someone get back to me asap please, so I can continue with migrating all projects to the cloud, this is a blocker now, your help would be much appreciated.




Yes we are a jira annual subscriber and our zephr license has expired, we would like to be able to use zephr data in the cloud, so for now a 30 day extension would be perfect  just so we can migrate the handful of test cycles we have .


Brett - smartbear


Will get this situated today.





What does this mean please?