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2 years ago

To use BDD feature must the issue type be "Story"

Our Jira configuration doesn't contain the "Story" issue type - instead (many years ago) different issue types were created for "Feature", "Maintenance", "Bug", etc

I just did a quick test on a trial instance which has the latest versions that include the BDD feature functionality but when creating a BDD feature and selecting "Feature" as the issue type (our equivalent of a "Story") the BDD fields for Background and Scenario aren't showing up.

Does the issue type specifically have to be "Story" or is there some configuration that needs to be done in Jira, or Zephyr Squad, to enable this for different issue types?


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    Just bumping this... does anyone know if it is possible to get the BDD functionality working with a issue which is not named "Story"

    We really want to use this functionality but we really do not want to rename our existing issues (which will then break filters and other things) or add a new issue type (which would just duplicate what we already have)