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2 years ago

Test Importer not importing mapped fields correctly

I have a simple Excel spreadsheet, I have it pruned to just one test with 10 test steps, each step has an expected results. The columns are pruned to just the Issue Key, Description, Teststep, Test Data and Expected results. When I launch the importer I am able to retrieve the map and drag the field names into the boxes for name, Issue Key, Step, Testdata and Result. I click on Import and a message pops up saying the import was successful.

When I go to the issue where the steps should have been imported, there are 10 new rows for the Test Details but the test steps is just a number, the data from the sheet for the test steps shows under test data and the expected results is empty.

Is there some configuration issue on the server or some specification for the Excel sheet that I am missing?



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  • Have you double checked the delineator? 

    If possible, please upload a screenshot or example file so we can better troubleshoot.