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2 years ago

Test Execution Assignment Gadget: is there a way to make Unassigned show up?

To me, a significant piece of the utility of this report is being left out. Is there any way to get it? (IT controls the user accounts, so I can add a dummy account)


Why do I care?


1. As a manager/lead, it would be usefully to me to to know what is outstanding in the assignment world. There various reasons why I might intentionally test cases unassigned, but need to track: Lower priority test cases might not get assigned on an initial pass; I might enough direct resources on my team and need to use other R&D resources to get the testing done, but that are identified on a just-available-for-this-window basis; or I might be generating test case as we go and not immediately want to assign them out, but still want to track them. 


2. The Project Mgr, Product Mgr and R&D Mgt all want to know what isn't assigned at any point in the process.  I was hoping to use Zephyr to improve my weekly reporting through the use of Zephyr. 

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    For what it is worth, I executed a test case w/o assigning it and because I didn't assign it before execution it still doesn't show up as covered by me. (an intentional action/test)


    I understand why (Test Execution Assignee and Executed By fields are different), but it make it difficult to track down the data inconsistencies.