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3 years ago

Test Automation task only uses file extension to determine validity of file contents

I have found a bug in the Test Automation task with Upload for the Test Automation Type

Prerequisites: working JIRA project with Zephyr Squad active; junit file from a test automation output saved with a ".junit" file extension (valid xml inside)
Steps To Repro:
1) Login to JIRA as a valid user for the project
2) Navigate to the Test Automation and Create a New Task

3) Setup the Task with "Upload" for the Automation Type and the ".junit" file selected as the input

     * other data is unimportant

4) Execute the Task

Actual Results: Task will fail with the vague error, "Found invalid file format. Please provide valid file to import with respect to configured framework."

Expected Results: Task should run without error since the internals of the file are valid xml (i.e. load the file into your parser to see if exceptions occur rather than assuming the file extension says anything about the file contents)


Testing has shown that if you rename the ".junit" to ".xml" that the Task will execute without error.

Apparently the file attaching on this site suffers from the same bug 🙂

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