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7 months ago

ReadyAPI/Zephyr Squad New Automation Task Query


I'm a ReadyAPI! user who's trying for the first time to configure JIRA Cloud/Zephyr Squad to work with ReadyAPI!

I've got plenty of ReadyAPI! experience, but minimal Zephyr.  I've managed to map ReadyAPI's tests to execution cycles within Zephyr and I can see manual test execution results reflected in Zephyr's execution cycle.

However - I'm now trying to configure the Automation (and eventually the full CI option). 

Anyway - when I try and create a new Automation task, I select 'Upload' as the 'Import Method' on the New Automation Task form, 'SoapUI' as the framework, but there's a mandatory 'Upload File' field that includes the hint ‘Upload the test run results file’. (see embedded screenshot)


I've never known ReadyAPI! to store it's execution results in separate file - can anyone indicate the file I should point to in this field?





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