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3 years ago

Please provide all mandatory details for Test Automation API

Hello, I'm able to create "Task" in Automation through UI, but when I'm trying to use API I get error
"Please provide all mandatory details."
My Payload


curl --location --request POST '' \
--header 'accessKey: sdfasdf' \
--header 'jwt: sdfasdf' \
--form 'automationFramework="TestNG"' \
--form 'jobName="newTaske"' \
--form 'jobDescription="Description"' \
--form 'createPackage="false"' \
--form 'agentId=""' \
--form 'cycleName="Test"' \
--form 'folderName=""' \
--form 'assigneeUser=""' \
--form 'cycleStartDate="8/25/2021"' \
--form 'cycleEndDate="8/26/2021"' \
--form 'projectId="10001"' \
--form 'versionId="-1"' \
--form 'cycleId="95fd601c-7474-444f-bd8c-766423f8c343"' \
--form 'folderId=""' \
--form 'file=@"/C:/Users/testng-results.xml"' \
--form 'automationVia="Upload"' \
--form 'autoScheduleDateTimePicker=""' \
--form 'versionDisplayName="Unscheduled"' \
--form 'appendDateTimeInCycleName="false"' \
--form 'appendDateTimeInFolderName="false"' \
--form 'originalCycleName="Test"' \
--form 'originalFolderName=""' \
--form 'mandatoryFields="{
		\"reporter\": {
			\"label\": \"Vlad \",
			\"name\": \"Vlad \",
			\"id\": \"adfdsf299fc\"
	}"' \
--form 'projectKey="T1"' \
--form 'versionName="Unscheduled"' \
--form 'createNewCycle="false"' \
--form 'createNewFolder="false"' \
--form 'assigneeUser="sdfsfd"' \
--form 'resultPath=@"/C:/Users/sdf"'



    "message""Please provide all mandatory details."
MandatoryFields from payload form (just for better visibility)
"reporter": {
"label": "Vlad",
"name": "Vlad",
"id": "sdfa"
Here is how it looks like on UI


I don't understand what mandatory details I'm missing


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    Maybe in my final payload some fields are extra and not required, but I tried different ways and no one worked for me