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3 years ago

No way to import test cases by label to test cycle?

Hey! I have a quick question: I'm currently working in Jira and Zephyr, and in Zephyr's test cycle section, you have to add test cases manually. The only options I see under "Add Tests" are "Individually", "Via Search Filter", "From Another Cycle", and "Via JQL Search". I thought the search filter, or the JQL search, would allow me to quickly import all test cases I've put the same label on, for example "Cycle2". But this is not the case.


It creates a great deal of extra work to try to find all the relevant test cases in the JQL list. In some ways, it can be impossible. I don't want to re-name test cases just so I can tell which ones I should have in a given test cycle. They might need to be included in another test cycle too. 


Am I missing something obvious here? Very grateful for anyone's help. Cheers.



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  • Hi David,


    To use the "via search filter" option, you would first need to create a search filter in Jira and save it. You can then access the saved search filter to add your tests.


    Here's my jira search page with all my saved filters (this one is using labels):



    After you save filters they'll appear in the drop-down in the add test case modal:


    After selecting a filter, you'll then see the JQL and the # of test cases pulled from the query:




    You could accomplish this using the JQL search option (note that you don't need to add in a project key or issuetype here -- which could be the piece you're missing because if you try to type in the full query you'll get an error). I've only added the JQL for my labels



    Hope this helps!