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2 years ago

New Squad Manager looking for feedback

So I am a QA manager and I am working with a team that has done great getting things started using an Excel sheet. We need to take it to the next level and have a test case management system.  I set up the Zephyr Squad plugin to evaluate from 30 days.  I am pretty sure we will stick with it.

I can see eventually moving to Zephyr Scale but I think we can manage for now.


What I worry about missing in Squad for now is using Test Plans and more involved reporting.  Would love to hear from those using Squad to know how it has worked for them.


Also would love to hear from someone who has upgraded from Squad to Scale to hear how challenging it was.  I hate the thought of lots of retyping.  I would think from a marketing standpoint it would make lots of sense to create a really seamless migration path.


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