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4 years ago

Licensing Question for Zephyr for JIRA cloud


Our org is trying to procure Zephyr for JIRA (Cloud) Version. 

and we are looking to licensing. 

Our Testing team is (<5) people. 

So do we need to buy License for 10 Users which is the basic plan or do we need to purchase Zephyr for JIRA for all the JIRA Users?

  • Hi testbuilder,

    This is a reply I've got. I suggest that you contact Sales directly if you have any additional questions. I'm sure they will be happy to help. You can send them an email or call:


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  • TanyaYatskovska  Thanks for the answer Tanya. Just making sure you reached out to sales after i posted this question?

    Sorry to ask you this. But, I just want to make sure this hasn't changed anytime from past and this is for Zephyr for Jira on Cloud not on Server/Datacenter. Not really sure if the rules change based on where the Jira Instance is