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2 years ago

Issues with uploaded test results

Hi! I'm trying to upload my results using an automated task. I have two types of reports:
JUnit and Cucumber.
For the JUnit ones, the task is stuck in 'In Progress'. For Cucumber I'm getting a FAIL execution inmmediatly, yet when I hover over the error there's no extra information being show.

In both scenarios I tried with my own files but also look here for answers and uploaded the example files that were provided with the answers. In both cases (my files or the ones provided here) the error is the same for each type of report (forever 'in progress' or 'fail' with no context).

Does anyone know what might be going on?

Attached are he junit.xml and cucumber.json (using txt since I can't upload otherwise) I found here on the forum, as well as a screenshoot of the empty error.


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