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3 years ago

In Test Summary, Test By Labels is only showing 16 labels and not the ones I assigned my scenario



I'm new with Zephyr Squad, I created scenario and they all have labels. But when I'm going in test summary my labels are not mentioned.

It's only showing 15 labels + No Label and No Label is 0. We are using Jira intensively and we have thousands of labels in our system. (cloud version)

I can't find how to customise this view to specify which labels to view in test summary.

I double checked and I'm using the correct labels Jira field

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  • Only labels that have been added to  Zephyr Test Cases will show on the Test Summary report page. If no label is added, tests will appear under "No Label".


    Labels added to standard Jira issue types (stories, tasks, epics) won't show on the test summary page. But the same label used on standard jira issue types can also be added to the test case issue type under Details:


    Example Zephyr Squad test case -



    Example Jira story using the same label -



    See my example here for the "checkout" label on the Test Summary report page:


    Compared to search results for the "checkout" label for stories and test case issue types:


    The view on the Test Summary cannot be customized, but you can use the search box to search for a specific label.