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2 years ago

If squad suits a lot of projects

Hi all, 

I wonder if zephyr squad suits my goals. Could someone help to understand, please? 



- one jira instance with a lot of projects; 

- about 120 jira-users (active, inactive);



- some of these projects (about 5-10) should have test cases (Test issue type from zephyr);

- about 15-30 users should have access to Test issues;

- would be good to import cases from testlink (.xml);

- would be good to integrate with Jenkins;

- no need to have cross-projects shared cases (each project is unique);

- no need to have cross-projects test reports;

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  • Hi!

    To be honest, you would need to ask yourself additional questions to make a decision between Squad and Scale. Do you have a big library of test cases, do you need to organize them in folders? The same question goes for your test cycles. Do you need to reuse test cases, or parameterize them? 

    If most of the answers are yes, you should go for Scale even if you do not need cross-project capabilities. 

    Finally, note that Scale will not impact your Jira instance if you have a lot of test cases because Scale is not using a Jira issue to represent test cases.

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    Hi DavidL  

    probably my answers are No. 

    But... If I have two separate Jiras - is it better to use Zephyr Enterprise? Or just buy 2 Zephyr scale/squad  cloud for each jira?

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      Sorry for the late reply. 


      Actually, if you have 2 Jira instances, only Zephyr Enterprise can handle it. Scale and Squad do not provide multi-tenant support.