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4 years ago

How to get Cycle Summary Headers


I am trying to get cycle summary headers(as shown in scrshot). When I try below API calls

Get List of Cycles-(Returns a list of cycle(s) and an expandos driven executionSummaries for each cycle for a given project and version along with grouped executions)"   API->   GET:"   through Postman  it fetches as below 

"versionId": ,
"createdByAccountId": "",
"createdBy": "",
"tenantKey": "=",
"name": "Ad hoc",
"cycleIndex": "-1",
"id": "-1",
"creationDate": "2020-11-26",
"projectId": ,
"projectCycleVersionIndex": ""

This does not have header data like "Total Executions","Cycle Executions", "Executions Not tracked" etc(as shown in scrshot). 

Can you pls help how to fetch this data via API

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