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2 years ago

How does a LPN join mesh network after reboot it?

Dear Squad Team,


I'm newbie Zephyr developer.

I make a mesh network with sample code of Zephyr (mesh_provisioner, mesh):

1. 1 Mesh_provisioner node, features: Relay, Friend (samples/mesh_provisioner)

2. Low Power Nodes (samples/mesh)


Step 1: Provision LPN node: ok

Step 2: Send mesh model data between provisioner and LPN: ok

Step 3: Power off and on again LPN

Result: LPN can not send data to provisioner again. It looks LPN can  not establish friendship again.



1. How to make LPN establish friendship after reboot? Do we need to store CDB information in LPN ?

2. What should I do in source code of provisioner ? (provisioner may reboot and establish provisioned nodes )


Thank you!


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