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3 years ago

Gadget for reporting across multiple Projects

Hi All,

Does anyone know if it's possible to report on Cycle names across multiple projects.  Or to even create a JQL where I can reference the Cycle name.  My problem is that I have to report on tests across a lot of Jira projects and moving the test cases into a single Project isn't feasible.

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  • Hi,


    It isn't possible to use JQL to search for test cycles. An option to report across multiple projects using Squad is to set up a Jira dashboard and add a gadget for each project you want to report on.


    To find the Zephyr Squad gadgets type in Squad into the gadget search. Chose a gadget and then configure it to the project and release.


    Here's an example of the Test Execution gadget configured to show test cycles for a specific release:



    After saving the configuration, go back to the gadget search and re-add the same gadget but configure it for a different project.


    Hope this helps!