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2 years ago

Executing test steps in bulk


I have this type of problem. We are having test cases with Test steps to be changed from 'Unexecuted' to 'Pass' and we would like to do it in bulk. Is there any special permission that I need to have in Zephyr to have such possibility? Or this is on Jira admin rights That I have to have?


Or there is there any option to do it? For instance in HP ALM there is option to do it by one click and I can't belive it is not possible in Zephyr


Thanks in advance

Tomasz Budziszewski

  • There's no bulk change for test steps in Zephyr Squad 

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  • Hi Tomasz, 


    It looks like you posted your question in the wrong Zephyr community (this was posted in the Enterprise one). Can you please confirm which Zephyr app your using, either Squad or Scale? 



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        There's no bulk change for test steps in Zephyr Squad