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4 years ago

Create Multiple Versions of Test Cases


I am using Zephyr for Jira and uploading Test Cases into Jira via Zephyr importer tool. Now The Test Cases are created in Jira.

But when there is a change to the old Test Cases, I do not want to create new test cases by clone. I want a new version of test cases with the changes updated. Still old versions to have old test case details and new version to have new test case information.


Would like to know the below

1) Is the required options Feesable or supported in Zephyr for Jira

2)  If Yes, How to create Multiple Versions of Test Cases to maintain the test cases in Jira

3) What are the steps and access required

4) Any specific Zephyr or Jira versions applicable for this




  • Hi Ramya87 ,


    Zephyr for Jira currently does not support test case versioning. We are gathering interest on this feature request and are looking forward to support this use case in the near future. Please upvote this feature on the Zephyr for Jira ideas portal, so that we can prioritise this. Thank you !