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4 years ago

can't find my filter zephyr add tests searching

Somebody help me!!

I am using Zephyr, and I want to do add tests through a filter already created in Jira.

However, only 3 jira filters containing the created keyword are shown.

I don't know why. I have more filters, so why are there only 3?

Please help me out.

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  • Hi rgollem,


    The filters which you have created in JIRA, only those filters will be visible while adding test to cycle. You can vote for this feature in our Improvement Request so that our product management team will prioritise and implement this request in upcoming release


    Also there will be new feature coming soon, where you can add test to cycle/folder using JQL directly. -




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      thank for answering....but


      In the lower version before the upgrade, the entire filter could be searched. However, filter searching is impossible after upgrading. I am curious if the function has been removed.



      • Hi,


        I have provided the solution for Zephyr for JIRA Cloud version.

        Can you confirm are you using Zephyr for Jira Server/Data centre. If yes can you provide which Jira and Zephyr version you are using, so that I can validate from my end