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4 years ago

API Resource housing the `fileid` of attachments

Via the API where can one find the `fileid` for execution attachments?


Currently, I am able to access the attachments via


which I access the `fileid` via Jira web app. But I have to manually find the `fileid` for each attachment. What I need to be able to accomplish is making a REST call that programmatically returns the `fileid` so that I can automate the attachment exporting. But I have yet to find the API resource that stores this information for extraction.


More in-depth overview:

I am building an automated process that iterates over the entire Jira space, exports the execution attachments and stores them for later processing. 


Resources & Versions

Jira Server 8.13.1

Zephyr for Jira 5.6.4

Python 3.7

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