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4 years ago

Add a new Test Cases into Newly created Test Cycle via API

Hello all,


I would like to know how should I add a new test cases into created Test Cycle. 

In short I already created a test cycle through API, now I want to add a new test cases into the cycle. Note that the whole project is new so no test are present.


This is what I want to do. I have several API tests in my Java project. Before the run I create the test cycle (which is working fine), after the creation I execute those API tests and after that I would like to create the text case into the previously created test cycle and send the status (pass or fail).


I am getting the API endpoints from the following site:



Is it possible in that way?

Is there an option to do that?

How can I create these test cases in the test cycle?


PS: I use Postman for now



Thanks for the tips

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