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4 years ago

Zephyr Scale Test Execution - linking of existing defects in other projects

Our process has us creating and executing the tests in one project (customer facing) and creating defects in another project (various development teams).  We have noticed that in a test execution - we can link existing issues in the same project to the execution or create a defect for a different project BUT within the test execution we cannot search or link to issues from a different project - which is where the remedial work will be done.

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    If I understand your issue correctly, you have test cases in project A, and are raising defects for those test cases in Project B, and are having trouble linking defects between the two projects.


    I'm using Zephyr Scale Server and am able to do this.  Here's how it works for me:


    In the test execution

    Scroll down to the Issues section

    Click on the down-arrow (to the right of the + button)

    Select "Search Issues"

    On the left-hand side, click on the Project button which should show the name of Project A, and select Project B (you can multi-select)

    Search for your defect and add the link


    You can also do the same from the point of view of the defect - linking that defect in Project B to a test case in Project A, using the Traceability option and following the instructions above which should be very similar.


    Hope it helps.