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2 years ago

Zephyr scale gadgets displaying incorrect data on the dashboard

All the 'Test Execution' gadgets in the dashboard section of Zephyr scale are displaying incorrect data when compared to the test case number in 'Test case' section.


Am I missing something here or is this a known problem with zephyr scale? 

Disappointingly, not able to get a basic graphical report of total number of test cases in different statuses. 

Also, the 'Reports' section under is hitting the same problem. Inaccurate data coming up in the gadgets after asking for the required input. 

In my case, I have 150 test cases in one of the folders called 'Master Use Cases'. In those the status of 99 test cases is 'Approved' and the remaining 51 are in 'Draft'. The 'Last Test Execution' value is 'Not Executed' for all the 150 test cases. 

Now when I add this gadget "Zephyr Scale - Test Execution - Test execution results (progress)" and configure it with following details and save it:

Project: <Project Name>

Filter by folder

Folders = /Master Use Cases (including sub folders)

Results = Last test execution (selected by default)


Display data:

Count: Checkbox ticked (selected by default)


The donut chart that comes up shows only 37 test cases in total and all of the as 'Not Executed'. 

Expected: The resultant chart should show all 150 test cases in total with all as 'Not Executed'. Also, when clicking on the donut chart, it should take me to the details of the data. 


Why the data coming is inaccurate and why there is no in-depth data view available when clicked on the resultant donut chart?


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    Hi dineshsingh,


    If you run the gadget as a report instead, you will be able to export the dataset and see the 37 test cases that have been reported, meaning you will also be able to discover which test cases aren't in the report.


    If you take a look at some of those test cases I suspect you will find that they do not have any Execution data (click on the Executions tab within the test case).  The reason for that is because the test case has not been added to a test cycle and cannot therefore be set to Not Executed.


    So in short, I think if you add your test cases to a test cycle, you should see the report return the results you expect.