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3 years ago

Zephyr Scale Community Leaders Q4 2021 Announcement

The new year has just begun, and it's high time we announced the Zephyr Scale Community Leaders for Q4 2021!

Community Leaders are the people who basically run the Community. Their contribution is always helpful and valuable.

Q4 was very active, so we got 10 Community Leaders total this time around. Last quarter, Community Leaders created 🗯534 replies, received 👍403 Kudos, and created âœ”️136 solutions. Great numbers!



Zephyr Scale Community Leaders Q4 2021

Two of the Community Leaders came from the Zephyr Scale Community. Here they are, let's congratulate them:

MisterB josh42 


Thank you for all your efforts, folks! Without you, the Zephyr Scale Community wouldn't be the same, for sure!

Each of you will get:

- a $50 gift card from SmartBear, we will contact you shortly to deliver the gift cards

- a unique Community badge




- a mention on the Hall of Fame


SmartBear Community Heroes Awards 2021

Another big announcement that we have is the SmartBear Community Heroes Awards 2021 ceremony!


This is the most elite status one can get in the SmartBear Community only once a year. Next week, we are setting up an online awards ceremony that all of you can attend to congratulate the winners and get an insight into what's been happening in the Community last year. We will also be doing a raffle - five $50 gift cards will be given away to ceremony attendees.


>>Register for SmartBear Community Heroes Awards 2021

Location: Zoom

Date: 10AM EST January 19, 2022 


Let's get together and celebrate! 

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