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2 years ago

Zephyr Scale BDD gherkin script : Feature, Scenario is not allowed

Hi, I am using Zephyr Scale Version 1.0  and I am creating a testcase by BDD gherkin script ,

Getting this error . Looks like Zephyr Scale do not support these keywords


I found this article where (Feature,Scenario) keywords are used and dont show up any error -->


Can anyone please explain what is the issue?




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    Hi MisterB , thankyou for responding , does it mean from August 04 2022 effective ..i wont be able to use these keywords !

    is there any other way i can use these keywords in my script?


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    Hi Sasha,


    That does seem to be the case.


    I noticed in the help file that SmartBear explained why they took the decision to remove the Feature and Scenario keywords: "The Feature and Scenario part of the test case is not necessary. This is added once you export your test cases".  Hoping that helps you with what you're trying to achieve 🙂


    If you need more definitive answers the SmartBear support team can be reached here: SmartBear Support


    Best, Andy