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3 years ago

Zbot tasks are constantly only in "in progress" status.

Hi, I'm trying to run automation tasks using ZBot. I tried to create a few tasks on Jira to see how it works with different cycles, folders, and execution time.  Every task I created and was executed by me or at the scheduled time, its status changed to "In progress" and nothing changed after. I have tasks where the cycle interval was 2 days and it is still in progress. If I stop ZBot locally, tasks status remains "in progress".










  So, I have a few questions: 

1. How could I stop/edit or delete these tasks (while it is in progress I can't use "actions")?

2. Why status is never "Failed" or "Succes"? Even if I turn off the ZBot.


All info I got from the logs file is: 

" -INFO - c.t.z.z.s.i.SQServiceImpl - polling for object
 - INFO - c.t.z.z.s.i.SQServiceImpl - > Inside getAwsStaticCredentialsProvider
 - INFO - c.t.z.z.s.i.SQServiceImpl - > Exiting getAwsStaticCredentialsProvider"


I don't understand where the issue is coming from. Maybe I do something wrong? 

Anyone have any ideas what the issue is?

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    I'm not familiar with automation (yet) in ZS so at best I can only try to help.  Question: when you say you have executed the tasks (Test Cases), did you change the Status of the Test Case Execution to Pass or Fail?  Or is the automation tool setup to poll for that Status so it can change from In Progress to Success/Fail?


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      No, I can only run(execute) the test task and the automation tool should read my test-run result file and upload it in Jira. Statuses as "Fail"/"Succes"  reflect the automation tool response: failed or succeeded to upload the data from the file. As it is in status "in progress" all the time it seems that Zbot created an infinity loop and can't stop the process.