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10 months ago

What option should I go for Squad OR Scale?

Hello, can someone suggest me what option should I go for? 

Squad OR Scale? we are sized as small-scale project. Development team, which will grow to medium scale.

But keeping apart the project size in Jira, based on features and performance. Which one should I should opt.

Any advice is welcomed.

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  • Hello! 

    I would say Zephyr Scale is the more enterprise graded product. Zephyr Squad has great features if you are just getting starting within Jira. 

    The main differences between Zephyr Scale and Zephyr Squad are as follows:

    Zephyr Squad is only for 1 Jira Project, and reporting is for 1 Jira Project
    Zephyr Scale is for multiple Jira Projects, and reporting is across Jira Projects too.

    Zephyr Squad has no test repository (have to use issue filters)
    Zephyr Scale has test case repository that can be reused at test step level and test case level

    Reporting is more flexible in Zephyr Scale, more report options, and you can do a lot more specific queries. EX if you wanted to run a report that had all test cases with a certain status, or a certain field with a value. 
    The default Squad reports are nice though. 

    You can also trial both and see which one you like better!