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6 months ago

What is the general best practises to be followed for the test case management



I am looking for some guidance how my team should follow the overall test case management/hierarchy in zephyr scale. Below are the activities we are trying to achieve with zephyr scale


  • Create test cases during the sprint and run them.
  • Reuse the test case between regression ,sanity and release test suite(s) and sprint test suite 
  • What is the test cycle vs test plan. When we tried to add the user stories in the plan or cycle the test cases attached to the user story are not getting imported neither to the test cycle nor to the test plan
  • What is best way to find what are the areas/features/modules which are error prone ? should we use folder structure or tags or components what give more flexibility?
  • How to get traceability matrix for each run
  • How to capture the execution time. when we use the record feature of zephyr scale and move out from the tab it is not working. 
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