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11 months ago

What is an easy and accurate way to get active Scale users?

What is an easy and accurate way to get active count of Scale users? Say for example YTD, how many active users are there? Can we search test executions and filter on assignee? Does this leave out a substantial number of users who maybe just create test cases? What about folks viewing them?


In summary: Is there a feature or metric to determine active scale users? Thanks

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    I'm not aware of any report that can provide this information.  You could try the options you suggest but it's not going to be accurate.  I guess a way to do this in the future would be to use the security feature in ZS - at least that would give you some upper limits of users, but it still wouldn't tell you about actual usage and activity.


    I would try SmartBear support and see what they suggest - perhaps they can run a report over your system to give you that information?


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