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2 years ago

View for Users to See All Assigned Executions

I am trying to figure out a way for my users to find a quick view of all executions assigned to them.


Scenario: We have dozens of Testers with executions assigned across numerous Test Cycles. These users are not super Jira or Zephyr-savvy. Their interactions are executing and opening Bugs only. In the Cycles view, there is an option to filter cycles by Assignee, but it does differentiate between passed and open Test Executions so it's moot.


My idea: Build a Jira Dashboard where they can log in and see their work. I've created a few Jira OOTB gadgets that work great - Query Results showing their Bugs, etc. However, none of the Zephyr gadgets use JQL, so I can't leverage currentUser(). That means my only option is to build customized Dashboards for every single UATer and maintain them forever, which is not great.


First, any ideas or better suggestions from anyone?

Second... Feature request for SmartBear. 

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    There's no way to do it exactly as you'd like.  Here's how I got around the issue.  The dashboard below is what I produced for my testers.  It shows them their outstanding tests, the status of their defects and other 'useful' information.


    The outstanding tests link in the top left corner is a Filter Results gadget that is showing issues with specific criteria, e.g. Summary ~ "Hyperlink to tests for".  Each issue has a hyperlink in the Description field and that is the only field I am displaying in the Filter gadget.  The hyperlink itself is a Zephyr Scale report that shows outstanding tests for a specific user.  So, yes, I had to create each report separately (not that time consuming once you get going) but then after that, the report is ready.  Alternatively, you could create each report and just share the URL of each report  with each tester, but then you have to trust that the tester won't lose the URL.


    Example tester dashboard:


    Example hyperlink issue:

    1 = Summary and filter results criteria (show all issues where summary ~ "..."

    2 = Add hyperlink to report into the Description field



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      Could you please explain how the Zephyr Scale report showing outstanding tests for a specific user was created? I tried the reports but didn't come across a report where we can filter down on a particular user.

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    Sure.  Here's an example, where I've used the 'Test Execution Results (List)' report, and will show all test executions of a certain status, assigned to a certain person.  You may want to further filter the results to a specific Test Plan or Test Cycles which I've not shown below.


    1 - Report I've used

    2 - Enter/select your project or projects

    3 - Choose Custom Query.  We can filter results in multiple ways.  Keep in mind that every filter you add is an "AND" operator - we can't change that.

    4 - We're in the test execution filter.  Here you select the execution results you want to display.  Mine may be different to yours as I have some custom execution statuses, but for me in this example, I would consider any test execution in this status to be outstanding and needing some sort of attention.

    5 - Who the test execution is assigned to.