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2 years ago

Using Curl to add test results including info for the TestCycle


I want to add Test Results from Robot Framework to Zephyr Scale using the Rest API.

I implemented a smaller Framework in Java, but fail so far to use the endpoint "/executions"junit".

Java Example to upload test results via ZAPI - SmartBear Community

As a workaround I'm using Curl. What is working as expected. But I need to update the fresh created TestCycle because I have no solution on passing information for the TestCycle by this call. I guess it is possible to add a JSON String containing this information as described in the docs, but how to include this in the curl call? 

curl -H "Authorization: Bearer ${TOKEN}" -F "file=@TestSuites.xml;type=application/xml""JQA"&autoCreateTestCases=true


Does somebody has a proposal?

Thanks in advance.



Robot Framework Integration | Zephyr Scale Cloud Documentation (


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