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3 years ago

Upcoming change for user pickers in Zephyr Scale

Hi everyone!


We plan a little change of behavior in Zephyr Scale (both Cloud and Server versions) that we would like to share with you beforehand.


We are going to slightly adjust the behavior of our user pickers so their behavior is similar to the pickers from Jira. These pickers will now suggest users based on two settings: the "Browse user" permission and the "Assignable users" permission. We were not taking under consideration the second permission so far.


This modification would be visible through the following changes:

  • Test Case/Plan/Cycle/Execution user pickers, presented when creating/editing these entities would list only assignable users, following the same behavior as Jira when assigning an issue to a user
  • User filters present on Test Case/Cycle/Execution screens and report filters would still require the "Browse users" permission. That is consistent with the way Jira behaves as well: if you try to filter Jira issues, the search query won't execute if one doesn't have the browse user permissions
  • User names present in listing pages, reports, etc: will still be displayed independently of the "Assignable users" permission. So users would still have their user names correctly displayed when listing test cases/plans/cycles/executions if for any reason these users have been assigned to any of these entities by someone who has permission to do so. This is also consistent with Jira.

We wanted to give you a heads-up so you are well aware of this upcoming change.


Any concerns? Please reply to this post.

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